PR concepts for the food, wine and hospitality industry - based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

PitchPR knows the world of hospitality, food and lifestyle, like no other. PitchPR works with hotels, restaurants, food&drinks producers and everything that has to do with enjoying life. We help our clients with launching products or services, the development of an image campaign or a rebranding process. PitchPR advises about corporate communication and public relations. We are a full service agency that will come up with solutions for a lot of issues. Eventually, everything is about making your products or services more attractive and visible.


Catch of the month

Alpro assigned Pitch PR for creating brand awareness in the foodservice/out of home channel through PR, promotion and advertising. The focus for this year is on the products Mild & Creamy and Alpro Soya 'For Professionals' with several varieties for a great cappuccino.

Trailer We Love Beef

Launch The Singleton Tailfire & Sunray

Member of World Gourmet Connection

Pitch PR recently joined the new international association of specialist PR and communications agencies that focus on food and gastronomy. It is called the World Gourmet Connection. This new partnership is now represented in 11 countries including France, UK, Canada, USA, Germany, Spain, Italy, Denmark and New Zealand. This new, specialized platform is founded for several purposes; connecting clients, agencies, journalists and interested food professionals.

Our location: De Kookfabriek

Pitch PR is based near the Kookfabriek in Amsterdam. Together with this largest self cooking restaurant in The Netherlands we organise specialised press events, product presentations, introductions, launches, tastings and demonstrations. Look at their website for an impression


We are always looking for good interns who have a hart for the branch in which we’re active. Send your CV to Robert Verhoeven at Robert[at]

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