Dozens of Oppo breakfast dishes by the finalist of the famous Dutch baking contest: Gwenn

Ice Cream for Breakfast Day!

February 3rd it was International Ice Cream for Breakfast Day. Normally it is not really usual to eat Ice for breakfast, but with Oppo it is possible! Oppo is, in comparison with other brands a healthier ice cream variant. Of course we had to celebrate this day with Oppo!

In less than two weeks Pitch PR organized the Ice Cream for Breakfast event. A real breakfast-event with dozens of Oppo breakfast dishes. Pitch was responsible for the whole organization and completion of the event. We have found the perfect location, invited press and took care of delicious dishes. Furthermore we send out a press release to generate more attention for Oppo. The main message was that thanks to Oppo having breakfast with ice cream is not a problem. It contains of less calories and is made with lots of natural ingredients.

In total there were 20 bloggers at NELIS West in Amsterdam. At 10:00 we started the breakfast with the most delightful dishes made by Gwenn who was the finalist of the famous baking tv-contest ‘Heel Holland Bakt’. Think of brownies, waffles, pancakes, fruit salads and a breakfast cake. In every dish there was at least one Oppo flavour used. The bloggers that were present at the event were more than enthusiastic about the event and Oppo. During and after the event all bloggers posted a lot about Ice Cream for Breakfast Day. Afterwards appeared many blogs and publications .